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Gods of sexiness

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Stage time in Copenhagen!!!

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Angels <33

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The Mystic ♥

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Snaha byla...

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No tak všichni víme, že to tady poslední dobou jaksi zkomírá... Co říct, je čtrvtletí, pár blbostí k tomu a hle kde je veškerý čas a nálada kterou bych potřebovala pro napsaní dalšího dílu ? Nezapomněla jsem na vás a rozhodně mám v plánu psát dál, jen nevím kdy se k tomu dostanu, snad co nejdříve ! Ale tak aby to tady tak nezelo prázdnotou, přes veškeré své vnitřní protesty se s vámi podělím o jistou...věc..
Tuhle básničku jsem napsala na anglické soutěži v naší škole. Co na to říct, nikdy jsem tu nezveřejňovala tyhle moje chabé pokusy.... Ale tak snad se pro jednou nic nestane, no ne ? :D
Téma bylo víceméně volné, jen jsme museli použít prvky z pár obrázků, ale to je fuk.. každopádně mi z toho vyšla zase další depresivní psychárna.. já ani neumím snad psát nic veselého :D No tak dost keců a všeho zbytečnýho, pokuste se to nějak přečíst, potěšte si nepotěšte mě komentáře ! :D
Mějte se famfárově a všem posílám pusinku na dobrou noc ! :))

What is hiden in your tears ?
Happy thoughts or many fears ?
So much joy or so much pain ?
Hot sun or the coldest rain ?

What is hiden in your eyes ?
Black beetles or butterflies ?
Dark shadows or shining light ?
Strong shame or the honest pride ?

What is hiden in your heart ?
Well , the beating may be hard
But let me help you, let me see
I will love you if you´ll love me

What is hiden in our souls ?
Can´t you see the feeling grows ?
My heart now beats just for you
So take my hand and we´ll go trough

P.S Abych vám trochu zpravila náladu po téhleté slátanině :D

#ASH #AshleyPurdy #Melrose

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Gendy for life ♥ :DD

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New interview with @RobertCavuoto

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By: Rob Cavuoto

It's been about ten months since Black Veil Brides released their strongest CD to date, Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones.

Since its release, they have toured the world virtually non-stop. From their winter headlining tour, to the Vans Warp Tour, to their latest the Outbreak Tour with Bullets for my Valentine

Just prior to their cancelled Starland Ballroom show in NJ, I was able to sit down with drummer; Christian "CC" Coma and bassist; Ashley Purdy.

I was informed of the news that singer Andy Biersack was under the weather and resting at a nearby hotel as I boarded the band's tour bus for the interview.

I did think it was a bit strange that CC's drum kit was outside the venue rather than inside being assembled for sound check when I first arrived at the show.

As I boarded, security began barricading the area around the bus behind me.

Even though the guys were extremely disappointed for having to cancel, they still brought their high energy and comedic nature to the interview.

As I spoke to them during the interview, it was extremely apparent how good of friends they are.

They traded jabs and busted each other chops for a very funny and candid interview. In many instances they would call each other out in order to set the record straight.

If you haven't met CC or Ashley, they are extremely friendly, personable, and down to earth guys despite their talk of having "rock star attitudes."

They are two regular guys having the time of their life and enjoying every minute of it.

Robert Cavuoto: You both play a critical role within the band by providing a rock solid foundation for the guitars. Tell me about the chemistry between the two of you.

Ashley Purdy: I think our connection comes from even before playing in the band. We're as tight as brothers, so friendship is first and foremost.

I would say CC and I are probably the closest in the band. We hang out and party. We're from the same area in Los Angeles too.

Musically, it's about bass, drums, and rhythm. BVB comes from a more typical bass and drum house - sort of the dance arena.

We both like dance music and electronic music, besides being heavy metal/rock dudes. There's a foundation within ourselves that likes different styles of rhythm.

Christian Coma: I completely agree. I think everybody's influences are slightly different, which makes this band so unique.

But touching on what Ashley said, a lot of times we'll go to dance clubs or strip clubs. [Laughter] We love to have fun, and we love to rock.

Our interests are definitely one in the same with the importance of rhythm.