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Milí a vážení, dnes vyjde první klip z Andyho nově připravovaného sólového alba. Musím říct, že když jsem četla Andyho "brzy" opravdu jsem nečekala až takovouhle rychlost ! :) Přeci jenom klipu k We Don´t Belong ani reeditace We Stitch These Wounds jsme se ještě nedočkali ;) Ale jsem strašně natěšená a zvědavá ! Zajímá mě, co Andymu přijde tak vyjímečné, že nezapadá do repertoáru BVB a vidět jeho temnou stránku je prostě více než lákavé ! :) Už aby to bylo :D Zatracenej časovej posun -.- :D

Asshole ! :3

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Po několika měsících čekání jsme se konečně dočkali pásničky z mixtapu Ronnieho Radke ( zpěvák kapely Falling in reverse) Asshole, na které spolupracoval s Andym. Já musím říct že kombinace jejich hlasů je pro mě něco novýho, nečekanýho, zajimývahýho a naprosto šokujícího nicméně fantastickýho ! Akčkoliv jsem nikdy nebyla zrovna přívrženec rapu tahle kombinace s Ronnieho rychlým charismatickým hlasem a Andyho tajemným hypnotickým chráplákem spolu tvoří něco snad ještě nidky neslyšeného ! Rozhodně doporučuji ! .))


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I would like to take this opportunity to share with you guys something that I have been working on and that I am very excited about releasing! I have always been interested in a broad spectrum of music and though the music that BVB makes is certainly my favorite stylistically, I am also heavily influenced by the dark melodic synth laden styles of bands from the 80's such as Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, Lords of the New Church etc. Over the last year or so I decided in my down town that it might be fun to take a stab at writing some material that is more in the "dark wave" vein simply for fun and as a hobby. I have now written almost a complete albums worth of material...some on my own and some in collaboration with friends and other artists but all of which I am very proud of and excited about. This project is not a band, BVB is my life and biggest passion and there is no reason to fear that I will lose sight of that. ‪#‎bvb4‬ is coming along better than anything we've ever done and it is my number 1 priority. Please consider this new project to be a fun and artistic way for me to try something that musically I wouldn't want to force into BVB etc. I am calling this project ‪#‎ANDYBLACK‬ as to me it represents an alter ego and I felt that it was important to differentiate this as a side project while still maintaining a connection to BVB by using the "BLACK" moniker. As far as my plans for the project we will be releasing a music video soon and may release more online over a long period but again BVB is my main focus, this is just something I had a lot of fun doing and I hope you will enjoy it too! If you'd like to read my first full interview regarding #ANDYBLACK please pick up this weeks issue of KERRANG! Magazine!! Photo by: Paul Harries

V překladu a ve zkratce: Andy chystá svůj vlastní nový projekt ! Ketrý nazval ANDYBLACK protože ten projekt pro něj představuje něco jako jeho temnější alterego. Vždycky chtěl udělat něco co do repertoáru bvb úplně nezapadá. Zároveň nás ale ujišťuje že BVB jsou stále jeho prioritou č.1 a že se máme rozhodně na co těšit s přicházejícím čtvrtým albem. Na svém novém projektu bude spolupracovat i s ostatními stars a je to odrazem jeho temnější stránky. Brzy se dočkáme prvního videoklipu. Tak já si myslím, že se máme na co těšit !! Co vy ? ;)

Kde všude můžete nacpat Andyho :D

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No :D Proč ne :D

AP awards

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Average Joe is Back !

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Andy´s personal diary

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:´D In The End už nikdy nebude stejná ! :D

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Check out @TheJoeFlanders and I in the first teaser scene for the upcoming AVERAGE JOE Season 2!

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Thank You

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I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Alternative Press magazine for the amazing cover story in the December 2013 issue (Issue #305) …..this has truly been a lifelong dream of mine. In fact I can vividly remember sitting in my room and cutting out images from AP every month of my favorite bands and taping them to my ceiling so that when I was awake at night I could see all of the inspiration there above me.
I can remember looking up and seeing the pictures of bands like Rancid, Alkaline Trio, AFI, and countless others on the cover of AP and dreaming of one day having the chance to have my story told in this publication. I cannot put into words what it felt like this week to receive my copy…to hold it in my hands and read the truly fantastic piece that Mr. Ryan Downey compiled.
There has never been a more detailed and in depth story written about my life or career, if you are a fan of what I do or have been with me on this crazy journey I really think you are going to love this article.
Not only is the written piece absolutely amazing but there are also a number of never before seen personal family photos of me growing up in there as well as some of my hand written journal pages.
I also wanted to take a second to urge the BVB Army to consider NOT scanning and posting the article all over the internet. I know that the temptation to share it this way is strong but it occurred to me as I sat there reading the piece that I believe you will benefit greatly as a reader if you are able to read the full thing as it was meant to be read. If you aren't able to buy the magazine in a physical copy or at a news stand there are options that AP offers including a digital version of the entire magazine that has been formatted and made in perfect resolution for your iPhone, iPad, eReader etc.
I have seen that people have started sharing some of the photos from the article (taken by the supremely talented Mr. Jonathan Weiner) and as much as I appreciate everyones enthusiasm I thought I'd take a shot and ask you all to bring this back to a time when media wasn't so easily shared and disposed of, I believe that this magazine as a whole is something all of you will truly enjoy and therefore is worth taking a little extra time (and yes, a little money) to pick up for yourself. I want to show AP and everyone involved just how much the BVB Army appreciates art and the efforts that were made to produce this issue.
Again, I am so humbled and grateful that you all have allowed me the chance to follow my dreams, without you guys and your constant support I know that things like this could have never happened to me.
I am a kid from Cincinnati who dreamed big, and I feel that I am living proof that with enough hard work and personal strength you can achieve anything you set your mind to do!
My most sincere thanks to Mike, Jason, Ryan and everyone at AP and of course to YOU the BVB Army! Lets make this the biggest issue of AP ever!

AP 305: The making of Andy Biersack, the force behind Black Veil Brides

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We asked Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack about the collaboration with Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke and Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop, and he talked about what projects are in the works so far.

Andy´s new tattoo

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#respost from @halloweentattoos last night doing our 2nd session of my new neck piece. The idea is symbolism and American cultural reference. Christ seen with the aesthetics of a Native American warrior chief. One more session and we should be done! 💀
Andy na Instagramu.

Sem opravdu zvědavá jak bude vypadat finální výsledek :D

Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides Talks KISS

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Andy a Crow

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:D Je to magor :* :D

Black Veil Brides Interview #7

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Tonight we have @AndyBVB lead singer of The Black Veil Brides on 5 questions with @Themerchdude

26. května 2013 v 9:33 | Margie
Thank you Andy for Taking the time to do this. Hope you are doing well and having fun! Don't forget code word "having fun!!" Dinner is on me next time I see you.
- Before we start give us a few sentences about yourself, the band any new protects etc.
I'm Andy and I sing for Black Veil Brides. We recently released our 3rd album "Wretched and Divine" which is being rereleased in an extended version on June 11 2013. I consider myself very fortunate to get to do what I do in my life and like many artists I share a strong connection with our fans that means the world to me.
Here is Andy Biersack with 5 questions with Themerchdude

1) Well you're in one of those bands that people love to hate (I might have been one of them until I met Jinx) most the time people hate even before they hear your band. How do you deal with the Constance bullshit thrown at you guys. Also how do you deal with having some of the most active fan bases online?

To be honest with you some of the negativity or online "hate" is so blown out of proportion largely due to the "makeup" or visual aesthetic that the band has had over the years. Whats ironic about that is so often people will jump on the "oh that band is nothing but makeup and gay and blah blah" and fail to see the irony that a great number of them fit firmly in their own aesthetic mold…we all know what the hardcore guy with the neck tattoos and flat bill hat looks like, in fact we all know a million of them. Could it be a total coincidence that so many of them dress identically? Or is it a fashion choice/preference that has been brought on by their interest in a particular type of music or genre? The safe bet is that its "what they like" which again is a huge contradiction when so many people are adamant that it's not okay for a band to possess any level of theatricality without being labeled as "fags" or people saying "well if they spent more time on the music and less on what they look like..blah blah etc." In point of fact all any of us are trying to do is have fun and enjoy our lives and our art. All that being said my life is pretty damn good, if ticket counts and record sales can in any way be a barometer for success it would seem that our dedicated fans continue to prevail over any nay sayers out there. In this world of bitterness between bands and hatred based purely on ignorance it's cool to hate the band thats doing well and doing it on their own terms and I get that, but we aren't miserable or suffering because of it. We have fun, tour the world and get to meet tons of really cool people who feel the same way that we do in all walks of life. Rock and Roll ain't too bad ;)
2) Your band just won a golden God award. You had many supporters and many people that were not so supportive in the crowd. Many criticized the band because of the way you guys responded to the crowd. Which in all honesty, you just gave it back to them. Why is it that when a band is consistently being hated why do people get up in arms (Butt hurt) when a band gives it right back?

What is most laughable to me about that whole situation was when I saw a few other bands criticizing my reactions that night. To me thats idiotic on two different levels, the first being (and possibly the most important) how can you sit there behind your computer having NO knowledge of what it's like to even be nominated for any sort of award and mock and judge me and my friends for responding negatively to a large crowd of people who are literally yelling and throwing things at us simply because we won something based on our own fans voting?? I will grant you that in the heat of the moment some things that i said weren't my best but it's not really up to them to judge that. Secondly I would love to know a band in this world who has NEVER had a bad night or played for a bad crowd and didn't get bummed out or angry?
The last thing I will say is this, when did we all get castrated? When did we all become so safe and afraid to speak our mind?
I don't want to live in a world where a fucking rock band can't say exactly how they feel for fear of pissing someone off haha WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SHAKE THINGS UP! Thats the very core and nature of what we do!

3) What bands would make you act like a lot lizard?

I still get all crazy fan when it comes to Alkaline Trio, honestly that band has meant the world to me for so long and no matter how many times I see them it always takes me back to being 13 years old and just hoping I could meet them ya know? A lot of bands have that effect on me for different reasons but that one is always gonna be one of my favorites.

4) SOME of the younger scene bands seem to always have something negative to say about your band. I have realized that you get a lot of support from the older metal bands (Mötley Cru, Twisted sister, Skid row) just to name a few. You have a young fan base that supports you guys to no end. Do you feel that an older fan base would give the band a chance if the just listen to your music?

The difference I have noticed is that with the old school band guys you don't get any bullshit. If they like you they will tell you to your face and if they don't they will do the same. Younger bands hide behind twitter accounts and feel as if they can say whatever they want with no repercussion, where is the respect there? With these guys that are heroes of mine that I am fortunate enough to now call my friends..they don't fuck around like that. They come from a time where if you believed in something whether it was positive or negative you REALLY had to back it up. I have no time for shit ass band #9000 saying "Oh they are fags, we are so cool" because so often they don't have the guts to say it to our face. And if any of them ever do, then more power to them…at least they are being genuine.
As far as fan base goes we are fortunate in that we have continued to grow and expand on our demographic over the years. What we talk about in our songs is pretty simple and can apply to any age group. Have fun and Rebel against convention.
5) Would you ever do a side project with other band members on your off time from the road? And do you find that sorta thing healthy?

Danny from Asking and I want to start a two man facial hair based comedy troupe. It's all jokes about his beard and my lack of a beard. Not sure if that one is gonna get off the ground hahaha
Honestly I love being in BVB so much I don't often think about outside stuff but I'm sure somewhere down the line I'll do something in collaboration with another artist. There are a lot of great bands out there that I have a ton of respect for!

Bonus question: What are the chances that I can get your beautiful girlfriend Juliet Simms to do 5 questions with TheMerchDude?

I'll ask her right now! Haha
She's working on a lot of cool stuff thats coming up and I'm sure she'd love to share some info with you some time soon!

VansWarpedTour live chat

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Ask Andy

3. května 2013 v 13:59 | Margie

BVB Army join Andy May 13th at 4pm PST/7PM EST for a Google+ live chat! Submit your question on Twitter using #ASKANDYBVB & watch the chat to see if your questions are answered here:

THE SPOTLIGHT - Black Veil Brides - Andy Biersack

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I´m just died ! He´s soooo gorgeous ! I love him more than everything in this world ♥

April or not ?

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Co myslíte vy ? Je to aprílová legrácka, nebo se máme doopravdy na co těšit ?

Anatomy of Andy Biersack

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:DD Without nose :DD

3. března 2013 v 21:32 | Margie


Andy Biersack's Inspirational Words

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'A lot of you say to us that we have saved your life, and we really fucking appreciate that, but I want you to remember there is no greater power than y the power you have withing yourself. No band, no celebrity, nothing can tell you what to do. Believe in yourself and do your own fucking thing and fuck everything else in this world. Thank you for coming to see us play but we are nobody's hero, you're the real fucking hero.'



Best thing in life ♥

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