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28. ledna 2014 v 0:00 | Margie
A opět po roce tu máme mezinárodní den sexu aneb své narozeniny neslaví nikdo jiný než náš úchvatný basskytarista Ashley Purdy ! ( alias Sex na dvou nohách :D)
Z celého srdce mu přeji tu největší pařbu všech dob, hodně sexu a hodně blonďatých kamarádek s čím dál větším poprsím, hodně zábavy, alkoholu, hodně kaleb s kapelou, stále tak sexy tělo jako má teď, ať mu dlouho slouží jeho nástroje ( ;D ) a ať je pořád šťastný !
Samozřejmě mu přeju hodně úspěchů jak v kapele a v jeho módní značce, tak i v osobním životě. Ať najde tu pravou, která ho bude milovat, ať je zdraví a ať si nadále plní svoje sny. Přeji mu také hodně dalších let účinkování v BVB a jenom to nejnádhernější co od života chce !
A já mu chci poděkovat, protože mám dojem, že on vždycky ví, co napsat. Jako kdyby byl trochu telepat. Mám nějakou náladu a hele, pan Úžasný Purdy přijde s tak geniálním tweetem, že mě skoro rozpláče. Prostě mu děkuju za jeho slova útěchy a ta nadměrnou produkci slin u jeho ažmocsexy fotek ! ;D

Takže ještě jednou

Dat Ass ! :3

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Ashley in a helicopter

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Just a little light music to brighten your day

25. září 2013 v 15:59 | Margie
Video se zobrazí, kliknutím na obrázek :)

Ashley Purdy – Interview with Marley Magazine

23. srpna 2013 v 19:19 | Margie
We spoke with CEO and Designer of Ashley Purdy Fashion Inc. and bassist for the band Black Veil Brides, Ashley Purdy, about the launch of his new custom fashion line, his personal style and history of design, the fashion industry and so much more!

I'd like to start off by congratulating you on the launch of Ashley Purdy Fashion Inc, how exciting has this been for you so far?
It's definitely been one of my long time passions of things to accomplish. I'm glad to have finally checked off that box of officially becoming a fashion designer. I had my debut launch on 3/30/13 at Forgotten Saints on Melrose in Los Angeles where AP Fashion Inc. is sold retail. March 30th, also happens to be my Grandmothers birthday, the woman who raised me, so maybe giving birth to my Fashion Co. on her birth date will be a good omen for its success.

Was it a long time in the making?
Time was the major factor in getting it off the ground while having many other projects i'm involved in. I just needed 'any' time to make it all come into fruition. So this past year in between tours and while on tour I was setting up the business side of things such as my partners, my team, the LLC and getting the company Incorporated, whilst creating the over-all scope of the designs, look and aesthetic of the brand itself.

What is it that draws you into the fashion world? Is there anything that you particularly like or dislike about the industry?
I've always had an interest in the fashion industry. Fashion advertising and lifestyle branding has always been intriguing and provocative to me. It's not just clothing or style that I had interest in, it was more the marketing side of things that I had intrigue in. It's about selling a lifestyle or a brand, or you could say a dream. Another form of escapism such as rock n' roll that existed and that I was eager to be apart of. I think that sense of wonderment and fantasy through fashion is what drew me in most.

How did you get started with fashion and when did you realize that you wanted to be a designer?
Well, from since I could remember I've always been an artist, drawing, painting and so forth. I would also always draw made up rock n' roll characters in a band who each had their own style and personalities. I think by accident I was already becoming a fashion designer so to speak. Drawing outfits and styles on make believe characters who I wish I was or was in a band like. Also, through my developmental school years I was designing logos for the schools shirts or fundraisers. My Junior year I was predominantly involved with designing the new Football uniforms, shirts and other logo based collateral.
As I matured, I've always had the dream of one day either having my own clothing line or owning a fashion magazine. I took all the necessary steps in doing so. I studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco for some time and transferred to Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, where I graduated with a BFA in Communication Design with an emphasis on Marketing and Advertising. Most of my thesis' and projects in school were fashion and advertising based.

Do you remember the first article of clothing that you ever designed?
I've always been altering clothing my entire life. But I would have to say my first real amateur endeavor would have to be drawing, designing and then literally cutting and sewing every piece of costume for my first band I formed in Hollywood.

I assume that the design process differs from designer to designer, could you walk us through your own process from an original concept to production?
Well, first it begins with all ideas already pre-planned in my head about the collection or brand. What will the concept and collection be. Then taking that concept to paper. Just old school style, sketching out designs, patterns, then layout a style chart or board with fabrics, colors, inks and detail choices to see what everything looks like together. This begins creating a collection so you can see if everything is seamless and belongs together. From there its sourcing the materials to create the designs. Going to various manufactures and pricing out cost of goods and finding reasonable priced materials to determine retail costs after production. Then its cut / sew and print time, as well as putting together the accessories. Finally, dressing the items on models or mannequins to see how they look, then off to photograph and post to web.

Could you describe your style with one word?

I noticed that there is a recurring "Outlaw" theme within, could you elaborate on the meaning behind that?
'Outlaw' is just one of the collections under Ashley Purdy Fashion Inc. However, Outlaw is the general sense of rebellion and being a renegade. A sense of entitlement and taking things into your own hands. Its the tougher side of AP Fashion from its counter-part 'PurdyGirl'.

How does your line represent you and what elements help it to portray your personal style? And with that, who would you say is the target audience of your designs?
Well, my collections are a reflection of my personal style and interests. All the textiles, fabrics and patterns are of my personal choice. I've already established brands within myself such as 'Outlaw' and 'PurdyGirl' that fan bases and groups have attached themselves to as a sense of belonging. I'm very current on style and trends, so some articles of clothing adhere to current fashions, but for the most part its about what I like and want to see that resonates with the sophisticated alternative consumer and the people who follow me.

The fashion industry is pretty competitive… what is it that you believe makes your line stand out and what makes it unique?
First, I think someone's biggest competition is themselves. I stand out as a 'fashion' designer and not to be confused with, (people who call themselves 'clothing' designers, who just print designs or logos on pre-existing t-shirts), because what I have created is custom fashions that are a personal extension of myself and my personality. It's pretty unique since there is only one of me. My main intention was to not only create collections that defined myself and style, but to also create things that my fans identify with me and feel a belonging to.

What have been the biggest challenges that you've had to overcome with this line so far, and along with that, what have been the biggest rewards?
There are so many more custom pieces that i have conceptualized and want to make, but fitting them within a budget that works for my consumer is the biggest obstacle. So far i've created a lot of custom limited pieces that are very popular for the line and will continue to do so. However, the price will reflect that for producing the limited custom items, but for the most part i try hard to source materials so that AP Fashion stays reasonable for all ranges of buyers. Within the line I am very conscious of having a range of items from higher ticketed custom pieces to inexpensive accessories so that everyone can be a part of and purchase AP Fashion. The biggest reward is seeing via social media people sending me pictures back with excitement of what they bought from my fashion line. I ReTweet most everyone i see who tweets a photo.

You've had quite the busy year thus far with the compilation of not only the clothing line but the work you've done with your band, Black Veil Brides, as well. You've been out on tour, released and re-released a brand new record along with a movie… How do you manage to find balance in terms of time management and organization with so much going on, especially while out on tour?
I think time management and dedication are the main factors along with being an organized person. To say I was highly ambitious would be an understatement. I'm never one to sit around, I always have to be creating in various facets to keep myself entertained. If you want to make something happen in your life or career, well then you make and find the time. Simple as that. There's still a lot more that even I want to accomplish thats on my radar.

The band has been known for having a certain edgy or dark style, do you think that style has had any effect on your designs?
Well, I had my own style before I was in BVB. So its a culmination of things where I had just become one of the predominant factors to BVB's developing style. My personal style has always been darker, edgier and more high fashion, I brought part of that sensibility to BVB. The fashion line itself was just an extension of that but more broad.

Which designers would you say are your biggest inspirations and how have they impacted your line?
Anyone who had something to say, who was to get a reaction from the audience, not only dressing models but creating art. Controversy while breaking established conventions. Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, Versace.

What are your strongest aspirations and most significant goals for this line?
Aspirations are to keep expanding the line and creating new collections. I think just trying to keep up and get all of my ideas produced would be a goal in itself. Overall, keeping the brand fresh and successful so that it can broaden itself and cater to various aspects life and style.

Alright so I love to end off the famous quote, "what would you do if you knew you could not fail?"
I never look at failing as an option anyhow. I believe thinking you could fail is already shooting yourself in the foot and setting yourself up for failure. You gotta believe you can accomplish anything, and those who believe that they can accomplish anything, most likely will.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Ash on instagram

21. srpna 2013 v 12:30 | Margie
Ashley si konečně pořídil instagram. Jeho adresa je:

#AskAshley on Facebook

10. dubna 2013 v 15:30 | Margie
Sľubovaný preklad dnešného #AskAshley:
Fuck It..!! You Asked for It.. Lets do another segment of #AskAshley - will sum up or choose a few.. GO..!!
J*bať!! Chceli ste to... poďme spraviť ďalšie #AskAshley - zhrniem to, alebo si niektoré vyberiem...POĎTE!!

Ashley i just wanted to say that ever since i met you at the NYC best buy theater i stopped self harm Bc it meant so much to me, anyways: How do you deal with haters?
- Good for you. My answer: Succeed
Ashley, len som ti chcela povedať, že odkedy som ťa stretla v New Yorkskom Best Buy Theather som prestala so seba poškodzovaním, pretože to pre mňa znamenalo veľa, ale: Ako sa vysporadúvaš s hatermi?
- Dobré pre teba. Moja odpoveď: Byť úspešný

What age what a girl have to be to date you?
- 18+
Koľko rokov by malo mať dievča s ktorým by si chodil?
- 18+

Will you get.CC to marry me?
- sure.. let me ask him.. he said, 'he'd think about it'
Požiadaš CCho aby si ma vzal?
- určite...spýtam sa ho...povedal: "porozmýšľam o tom"

Describe your process when creating music!
- find inspiration all around you!
Opíš svoj proces robenia hudby!
- nájdi inšpiráciu všade okolo seba!

How doy feel about self harm and any advice? Also any advice for people who want a career in music?
- Find something to do other than harming yourself.. sheesh, theres a lot of awesome things to do in the world and hurting yourself sure isn't one of them. ;)
Čo si myslíš o šeba poškodzovaní a máš nejakú radu? Alebo máš nejakú radu pre ľudí ktorý chcú robiť vlastnú hudbu?
- Nájdi si niečo iné, čo by si robila okrem ubližovania si... fuuu, na svete je veľa úžasných vecí ktoré sa dajú robiť a ubližovanie si nie je jednou z nich.

Does your star obsession have some sort of like special meaning, or do you just like stars? ^-^
- I like the shape and my name begins with an A and i've always signed my A's as stars.
Má tvoja posadnutosť hviezdičkami nejaký hlbší význam, alebo ich máš proste rád?
- Mám rád ten tvar, a moje meno sa začína na A a vždy keď sa podpíšem, tak to A vyzerá ako hviezda.

Is the BVB UK tour this year a rumour? (December)
- ooo... the suspense!
Je tohtoročná BVB tour v Británií povestná? (december)
- ooo...prekvapenie!

Do you have a PO box?
- p.o. box 4171 Torrance, CA 90510
Máš PO box?
- p.o. box 4171 Torrance, CA 90510

Can we make babies?!
- I'm going to try to add items on a weekly basis, but now i'm working on the next collection to debut under Ashley Purdy Fashion. The first collection was OUTLAW. What will the next be???
Môžeme vyrobiť deti?! (?)
- týždenne sa budem snažiť pridávať nové veci, ale teraz pracujem na ďalšej kolekcií Ashley Purdy Fashion. prvá kolekcia bola OUTLAW. čo bude ďalšie???

What do you admire most in a girl?
- Confidence / Smile
Čo najviac obdivuješ na dievčati?
- dôveru/úsmev

If you were never in bvb what would you have done?
- I was already a Graphic Artist before i was in BVB and then during BVB until we took off. I have a BFA in Communication Arts, focus on marketing/advertising.
Keby si nikdy nebol v BVB, čo by si robil?
- Bol som grafik ešte pred tým, ako som bol v BVB a aj keď som tam bol, kým sme prerazili. Mám BFA (A Bachelor of Fine Arts - bakalára v odbore výtvarných umení) v komunikácií a marketingu/reklame.

Advice on self harm?
- find something better to do.
Rada pri seba poškodzovaní?
- nájdi si lepšiu činnosť.

What's your favorite horror movie, if you have one?
- Always a fan of Nightmare on Elm St.
Aký je tvoj obľúbený horor, ak nejaký máš?
- vždy som bol fanúšikom Nightmare on Elm St.

At what age should you lose your virginity?
- when you're old enough to know what you're doing. Seriously.
V akom veku je vhodné prísť o panenstvo?
- keď si bola dosť stará na to, aby si vedela čo robíš. Seriózne.

When do you think to yourself "I want to be a rockstar?"
- when i was like 3?
Kedy si si o sebe pomyslel "Chcem byť rocková hviezda?"
- keď som mal 3?

Do you like Ireland?
- yes, the Purdy's are from there
Máš rád Írsko?
- áno, Purdyovci sú z tade (pozn. prekladateľky: OMG som vynašla nové slovo že "Purdyovci" :D no preložte to inak...)

Where were you born and raised?
- born in Forthood TX, and raised in Berger/Hermann MO
Kde si sa narodil a vyrastal?
- narodil som sa vo Forthoode (Texas), vyrastal v Berger/Hermann (Montana)

Did it hurt getting your outlaw tattoo?
- yes, but it was actually quite ticklish as well...
Bolelo to keď ti robili outlaw tetovanie?
- áno, ale šteklilo to v rovnakej miere

Most Embarrassing moment of your child hood :D
- hmm.. i never felt embarrassed, but i was always upset to go to school if i had my hair cut too short.. i hated it. So i actually disliked having short hair than the times when i pee'd my pants in school..! haa..
Najtrápnejší moment tvojho detstva :D
- hmm...Nikdy som sa necítil trápne, ale vždy som bol naštvaný keď som mal ísť do školy ak som si mal ostrihať vlasy príliš nakrátko. Takže akurát nenávidím mať krátke vlasy odkedy som si v škole ošťal nohavice... HA!

Post video of you singing!
- come to a live show and you can see me singing!
Daj sem video ako spievaš!
- príď na koncert a uvidíš ma spievať!

Is your real name Ashley?
- Is yours?
Je Ashley tvoje skutočné meno?
- je tvoje?

Were you ever in choir in school? if not did you have any other electives in school??
- Yes, i had choir in church and in school, as well as Art. From K-12.
Bol si niekedy v školskom orchestri? Ak nie mal si nejaký iný voliteľný krúžok v škole??
- áno, bol som v speváckom zbore v kostole a v škole, ako aj v článku z K-12.

Favourite type of cig?
- None! Discusting. Biggest pet peve. Dont even try to kiss me if u smoke!
Obľúbené cigarety?
- Žiadne! Nechutné! najprotivnejšie. Nikdy sa ma nepokúša pobozkať ak si fajčiar!

How do you like yr steak?
- don't eat red meat.
Ako máš rád steak?
- nejem červené mäso.

PS: predposlená otázkla na Fb bola, prečo zrušlili 5 koncertov. Ash na ňu neodpovedal, pritom odpovedal na každú jednu rad radom. Potom zodpovedal ešte jednu a skončil #AskAshley... Rada by som vedela čo je za tým...

Doufám, že ti nevadí, že jsem si to půjčila. Díky moc Miss Nothing za překlad :)

Happy Sexy Birthday Ashley !

28. ledna 2013 v 0:00 | Margie
Dneska je mezinárodní den sexu aneb dámy a pánové Ashley Purdy slaví své narozeniny ! Tuším že 28 ( či 29, už by to měl někdo upřesnit ;D). Já mu z celého srdce přeju jenom to nejlepší. Hodně štěstí, zdraví, lásky, sexu, pití, hudby, zábavy, zážitků, fanoušků, koncertů... Zkrátka a dobře všechno, co si bude přát.Přát mu, aby do pořádně oslavil, ztrácí význam je to přece Ashley Purdy ! ;D Přeju mu také, aby ho Andy občas pustil ke slovu a on nám mohl říct všechno, co by doopravdy chtěl. Dále pak spoustu kozatých kamarádek. A hlavně mu přeju, aby se neměnil. Aby zůstal stejně úžasný, krásný, chytrý, zábavný, milý prostě stejně dokonalý. Aby mu hraní v BVB vydrželo co nejdéle a aby nikdy neztrácel svůj vztah ke svým fanoušků, protože to je jedna ze spousty dalších věcí, co na něm miluju.

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A tady je naše malé zimní přání ;D

Ask Ashley (Ashleyho múdrosti)

18. listopadu 2012 v 19:25 | Margie

Was I ever bullied as a child?
Honestly, not really in school, I was always a cool kid. Where I grew up I was popular because I was different. Unlike the instances where I hear about kids being picked on for being different. I had a natural talent for being an artist and was very athletic. I was always the one from my neighborhood and school that introduced everyone to new music, fashion styles, trends, etc.

Bol som niekedy šikanovaný ako dieťa?
Pravdupovediac, naozaj nie v škole, vždy som bol cool dieťa. Bol som populárny tam kde som vyrastal, pretože som bol odlišný. Narozdiel od prípadov o ktorých som počul, že deti boli šikanované pre ich odlišnosť. Mal som vrodený talent stať sa umelcom a bol som veľmi športovo nadaný. Vždy som bol jeden zo susedstva, ktorý ostatný zasväcoval do novej hudby, módy, štýlov, trendov, atď.

How to deal with bullies?
There was only one instance I can think of when I was younger where I had to physically fight some bullies from my town. They weren't the picking on anyone type, they just wanted to fight. So that's what I did. I remember there was no option from getting away from them, so we fought. From that point on, it turned into boxing matches, where we would put boxing gloves on and beat the shit out of each other.

Ako zatočiť so šikanovateľmi?
Jediný príklad z môjho detstva na ktorý si môžem spomenúť je to že som mal fyzický boj s trýzniteľmi z môjho mesta. Nepripravovali sa z nejakého konkrétneho dôvodu, jednoducho sa chceli biť. A to je to, čo som urobil. Pamätám si, že som sa od nich nemohol dostať preč, tak sme sa pobili. Vtedy sa to zmenilo na boxerské zápasy, kde sme si mohli nasadiť boxerské rukavice a mlátiť jeden druhého.

What was my child hood like?
Wow, well that's a pretty broad topic. I don't know, I did what boys do in the country. Played in the mud, burned things, built club houses, rode bikes, played sports, chased girls.

Aké bolo moje detstvo?
Wow, toto je veľmi široká téma. Netuším, robil som to isté čo ostatný chlapci v mojom štáte. Hral som sa v bahne, pálil som veci, budoval skupiny, jazdil na bicykli, športoval som, behal za dievčatami. (pozn. prekladateľky: Ash sa nezaprel už od detstva ako vidím :D)

More Specific?
Well, I'm an only child. I don't have parents. I was raised by my Grandparents. My parents passed before I was even in BVB. So growing up I was very independent and had a strong will about me. I really honestly only ever had my dream. I was a 'huge' dreamer of all the things I seen happening in California. So everything I ever did growing up had the intentions of moving to Los Angeles one day, whether it be a pro skater, an artist, a musician, an actor or involved in fashion. I wanted to do it all.. I've accomplished a lot of those dreams but continue to chase the ones I have yet to accomplish. And believe me, I've been through a lot and being a kid from a small country town of 200 people. So if I can do it, you can too.

Viac špecifikované?
Tak, som len dieťa. Nemám rodičov. Vychovávali ma starý rodičia. Moji rodičia prišli tesne predtým ako som bol v BVB. Takže som vyrastal nezávisle a mal som sám o sebe silnú vôľu. Pravdupovediac ja som naozaj mal svoj sen. Bol som veľký 'snílek' o všetkých veciach čo som videl v Kalifornií. Takže všetko pre čo som kedy vyrastal malo zámer presťahovania sa do Los Angeles jedného dňa, či už ako skejter, umelec, hudobník, herec alebo zapájanie sa do módy. Chcel som to všetko... Dosiahol som veľa z týchto snov ale aj naďalej prenasledujem tie, ktoré ešte chcem dosiahnuť. A verte mi, prešiel som si veľa a som chalan z malého vidieckeho mesta z 200 ľuďmi. (pozn. prekladateľky: kks to je ešte menej ako tuto tento zapadákov v ktorom žijem :D) Takže keď môžem ja, vy tiež.

Your parents don't like you, you have little friends, what to do?
I'm sure your parents like you.. I bet they just don't understand you, they probably want you to be more like them. Which is ridiculous, because everyone is an individual, just because you're from a family of (insert occupation) doesn't mean you want to or have to do the same things.

Rodičia vás nemajú radi, máte málo kamarátov, čo robiť?
Som si istý, že rodičia vás majú radi.. Stavím sa, že ti len nerozumejú, pravdepodobne chcú, aby ste boli viac ako oni. Čo je smiešne, pretože každý je originál, len pretože si z rodiny (nejaké povolanie) neznamená to, že chceš to isté, alebo rovnaké veci.

You have little friends?
My suggestion would be to go out and meet people and make friends, if that is what you want. Get out of your comfort zone.

Máš málo kamarátov?
Môj návrh by bol: ísť von a stretávať ľudí, priateliť sa, ak je to to, čo chceš. Vyjdi zo svojej pohodlnej zóny.

How do I stay strong?
You never realize how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.

Ako zostanem silný?
Nikdy si neuvedomíš, aký si silný pokiaľ byť silný nie je tvoja jediná možnosť.

Favorite class in HS?
Biology was my fave. I actually got kicked out of my Art classes.

Obľúbená trieda na strednej? (pozn. prekladateľky: v USA nemajú na stredných školách stlále zloženie ľudí v triede. Predmety si každý kombinuje sám a tak sa stane že na každom predmete je v inej triede. Takže otázka vlastne bola, ktorá predmet mal najradšej...)
Biológia bola moja naj. Vlastne ma vykopla z výtvarnej.

How to get started, insite into starting a band?
I think it all 'starts' the same way. Find people to play with, particularly ones who share the same style. But the most important thing is to just get started. Practice a lot on your own and then with others.

Ako začať v začínajúcej kapele?
Myslím si, že všetky začiatky sú rovnaké. Nájsť ľudí s ktorými budeš hrať, najmä takých čo majú radi rovnaký štýl. Ale najdôležitejšia vec je jednoducho začať. Najprv sa sústreď na seba, potom na ostatných.

How to achieve dreams, while struggling?
You have to have a real passion for your dreams first, not letting anything or anyone get in your way. And If there wasn't any struggle in pursuit of something, then everyone would do it, thus not making it very special. If you seek out and follow through with whatever dreams you have through the struggles, you'll appreciate the outcome a lot more once you achieve it, making it a great accomplishment you'll be proud of. Achievement is the reward.

Ako dosiahnuť sny, pokiaľ zápasím?
Najskôr musíš mať skutočnú vášeň pre svoje sny, nenechávaj niečo alebo niekoho aby sa ti staval do cesty. A pokiaľ by v snahe o niečo nebol žiaden zápas, potom by to mohol robiť každý, nebolo by to veľmi nezvyčajné. Ak nájdeš a dotiahneš do konca tvoje sny bez bojov oceníš výsledok oveľa viac je to veľký úspech a buď na seba hrdý. Úspech je odmenou (pozn. prekladateľky: tu je len približný preklad, ale podstata je zachovaná)

- Life stops when you stop dreaming

- Život sa skončí, keď prestaneš snívať

Does my Outlaw Tattoo come off with saliva?
No, but you can try your hardest.

Dá sa moje Outlaw tetovanie odlepiť slinami? (pozn. prekladateľky: WTF? :D)
Nie, ale môžeš vyskúšať čo najtvrdšie

Are we coming to (insert your city)?
Check our tour schedule, we will be doing a full World Tour in 2013.

Prídeme do (tvoje mesto)
Pozri si náš Tour plán, budeme mať celosvetovú Tour v roku 2013. (pozn. prekladateľky: ak vynechajú SR, newa, ale ak zabudnú na ČR! -_- )

Where to find Inspiration?
I find inspiration in everyday life and all around me. I think its just part of being an optimist. Some things make me go, 'I wish I had thought of that', or 'I want to do something like that, but better!' Just find what you love and are passionate about and pursue it.

Kde nájsť inšpiráciu?
Hľadám inšpiráciu v každodennom živote všade okolo mňa. Myslím že je to len časť toho, že si optimista. Niektoré veci ma naštartujú, 'prajem si aby to už bolo za mnou' alebo 'Chcem robiť niečo ako toto, ale lepšie!' Len nájdi čo máš rád a buď vášnivý a urob to.

Tour story ? Funny moment?
Hmm.. soo many... We made a Jinxx cake once. Literally a human cake full of crap we had on the bus as icing on Jinxx himself. Jinxx passed out in the hallway near the living room area of the bus and we all had to climb over him. So in the nite we took out everything from the cupboards and bathroom, cheese whiz, chips, salsa, shaving cream, shower gel, etc. and covered him with it. He slept through it and woke up that way!

Príbeh z Tour? Zábavný moment?
Hmm...taaak veľa... Raz sme spravili z Jinxxa koláč. Doslova človek plný sračiek čo sme mali v autobuse, ako čerešničku na samotného Jinxxa. Jinxx prešiel do chodby blízko obývacej zóny v autobusa a všetci sme ho museli obchádzať (loziť cez neho...) Takže v noci sme pobrali všetko z poličiek v kúpeľni, plesňový syr (?), salsa omáčku, penu na holenie, sprchový gél atď... a obalili sme ho tým. On tak prespal celú noc a ráno sa tak zobudil! (*le prekladateľka sa tak smeje že už nevydáva žiadne zvuky a len tlieska rukami ako retardovaný tuleň)

What do I think/feel about suicide?
Well, I actually have a lot of personal experience with it, so I have more to say on the topic than I can type. Some background, I've had a couple close friends in my life commit suicide, self inflicted and over dosing on drugs. I've also had close family members commit suicide as well.
In relation to my fans, I don't understand the need to self harm ones self. Cutting is a foreign thing to me only because you're vandalizing your own body that will leave scars on your skin for life. You definitely have to love yourself and respect yourself first. I get depression and the thoughts of feeling suicidal, but my suggestion would be.. Don't be afraid to talk to someone.. anyone. I know things seem bad in the moment, but those moments pass, and you'll be surprised when you reach out to someone how many you will find that honestly give a damn. Never do something to yourself that you can't take back because its never too late. As I said, time passes and things get better. Try and be strong, but most importantly, Love Yourself, despite what anyone else says or thinks. Take pride in who you are.. Its your life, it can be anything you want. Only surround yourself with things and people that make you happy and your life worth living. The best thing would be to stay occupied, have a hobby, do something everyday you enjoy that doesn't make life seem so bad.

Čo si myslíš/cítiš o samovražde?
Dobre, ja s tým mám veľa osobných skúseností, tak by som chcel povedať viac ako môžem napísať. Nejaký podklad, mal som veľa blízkych priateľov, ktorý spáchali samovraždu tým, že sa predávkovali liekmi, tiež v mojej blízkej rodine je samovražda. Vo vzťahu k mojim fanúšikom, nechápem, že je potrebné, aby sa niektorý seba poškodzovali. Rezanie je pre mňa cudzia vec, len preto, že si demolujete vlastné telo, ktorému zostanú na koži jazvy do smrti. Určite máte mať radi sami seba a rešpektovať sa ako prvý. Mám depresívne myšlienky pre pocit samovraždy, ale mám návrh... Nebojte sa o tom s niekým rozprávať...povedať to niekomu. Viem, že veci sa teraz zdajú zlé, ale tie chvíle prejdú, a budete prekvapení, keď nájdete niekoho, u koho zistíte, že je mu to úprimne jedno. Nikdy si neurobte niečo, čo nemôžete vziať späť, pretože nikdy nie je príliš neskoro. Ako som už povedal, čas pominie a bude to lepšie. Skúste a byť silný, ale čo je najdôležitejšie, majte sa radi, napriek tomu, čo niekto iný hovorí alebo si myslí. Buďte na seba pyšný... Je to váš život, môže mať čokoľvek chcete. Len sa obklopte vecami a ľuďmi, ktoré vás robia šťastnými a váš život stojí za to, aby ste žili. Najlepšie by bolo zostať zamestnaný, mať hobby, urobiť niečo čo si môžete vychutnať každý deň. To neznamená, že život je taký zlý ako sa zdá.

How do I stay fit ?
I'm very active. I workout, run, bike.... I also have a fairly healthy diet. I don't eat fast food. I don't eat red meat. I only eat poultry and fish. High protein, low fat. Lots of fruits / veggies.

Ako zostávam fit?
Som veľmi aktívny. Trénujem, behám, bicyklujem sa... Mám tiež celkom zdravú diétu. Nejem fast food. Nejem červené mäso (hovädzie, bravčové). Jem len kuracinu a ryby. Veľa proteínu, málo tuku. Jem veľa ovocia/zeleniny.

Biggest influence ? How am I me?
Biggest influence that really had an impact on me and how I am would have to be a late Uncle of mine that passed in 2001. He was a best friend, yet father figure who would expose me to the outside world of the small town where I grew up. To experience the way others lived of all classes and backgrounds led me to be able to appreciate what I have and understand how fortunate I am. Not to take things for granted. Not to discriminate or judge anyone as we don't know their circumstances. It actually feels very good to be kind to others and feel the same warmth reception in return.

Najväčší vplyv? Čo robí mňa mnou?
Najväčší vplyv na mňa ktorý ma naozaj ovplyvnil bol môj zosnulý strýko, ktorý odišiel v roku 2001. Bol to najlepší priateľ, avšak postava otca ktorá mi odhalila vonkajší svet malého mesta v ktorom som vyrastal. Okúsil som spôsob ostatných žijúcich v iných triedach s iným zázemím a to ma viedlo k tomu aby som si vážil to čo mám a k pochopeniu toho, aký šťastný som. Nebrať veci za samozrejmé. Nediskriminovať alebo súdiť niekoho keď neviem v akej je situácií. Je to vlastne veľmi príjemný pocit byť súčasťou ďalších a cítiť rovnakú láskavosť ktorú prijímam na oplátku.

Last words to a fan?
Use birth control. Stay in school, be educated. Continue to learn and grow.

Posledné slová fanúšikom?
Používajte antikoncepciu (pozn. prekladateľky: hovorím! ten človek sa nezaprie! :D) Zostaňte v škole, učte sa. Pokračujte v učení a vyrastajte.

Any regrets?
I don't regret my past, I only regret the time I've wasted with the wrong people.

Nejaké vyjadrenie poľutovanie?
Neľutujem svoju minulosť, ľutujem len čas, ktorý som premárnil so zbytočnými ľuďmi.

Try and do a self less deed every day. Just something to help someone else without gaining anything in return. You'll be a better person for it.

(SK): Návrhy?
Skúste urobyť niečo dobrovoľne každý deň. Len niečo čo pomôže niekomu inému bez toho aby ste získali niečo naspäť. Budete pre to lepšou osobou.

Potřebuje to ještě muj komentář ? Jediné co řeknu je že on je úžasná osoba a ten kdo to nevidí je debil. Miluju ho ačkoliv si to někdo nemyslí. Má neuvěřitelnej charakter. A právě teď řvu jako malá a usmívam se. Díky ♥

Mrs. Porn Purdy :D

5. října 2012 v 22:53 | Margie

I can´t say anything...

12. srpna 2012 v 19:24 | Margie

Sebevražda není zbabělost. Řeknu Vám, co je zbabělost. Zacházet s někým tak špatně, že si chce ukončit život.- Ashley Purdy
Zpívej, jako by tě nikdo neposlouchal.
Miluj, jako kdyby ti nikdo nemohl ublížit.
Žij, jako kdyby zítřek neexistoval.

Rozklepaly se mi ruce a zamlžilo vidění. Chci říct jedno. I love you Ash and thank you ♥

Introducing Mr. Dunzo Funzo..!

6. srpna 2012 v 12:02 | Margie

Radši nepátram po tom co ještě sou schopný vymyslet :DDD Bože :D

Ashley sings :DD

19. dubna 2012 v 23:03 | Margie

Namalujte si Ashleyho :D

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3. března 2012 v 11:17 | Margie
:D To je tak když kámoška prohlásí že Ash vypadá jako Pocahontas a já se nudim a vytvořim tkovouhle kravinu :D Ale ta podoba tam je.... :DD

Ashley Purdy

3. března 2012 v 11:04 | Margie
Ashley Purdy se narodil 28.1.1985 v Kalifornii. Je basák a zpěvák kapely BVB. Má rád setkání s fanoušky a je certifikovaným grafikem.
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