Nový plakát BVB V Bravu !!!

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BRAVO ! Ty šokuješ ! ALe díííky ! Zase jednou si tu sračku koupim ! :D

OMG !!! BRAVO BRAVO !! :33

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Whole Kerrang! Mag.

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Kerrang issue

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Black Veil Brides - The Fights! The Heartache! The Future!

Just under three years ago, Andy Biersack became a superstar almost overnight. Back then, he told Kerrang! that his band, Black Veil Brides, wanted nothing less than to take over the world. Now, Kerrang! sit down with the star once again to ask some tough questions. It's time to find out who Andy was, is, and wants to be...

What´s in RockSound ?

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New Kerrang

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He´s so beautiful :33 ♥

AP readers poll 2013

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No mohlo to dopadnout lépe ? So proud of them :33 Happy New Year BVB Army !! :)

New interview with @RobertCavuoto

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By: Rob Cavuoto

It's been about ten months since Black Veil Brides released their strongest CD to date, Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones.

Since its release, they have toured the world virtually non-stop. From their winter headlining tour, to the Vans Warp Tour, to their latest the Outbreak Tour with Bullets for my Valentine

Just prior to their cancelled Starland Ballroom show in NJ, I was able to sit down with drummer; Christian "CC" Coma and bassist; Ashley Purdy.

I was informed of the news that singer Andy Biersack was under the weather and resting at a nearby hotel as I boarded the band's tour bus for the interview.

I did think it was a bit strange that CC's drum kit was outside the venue rather than inside being assembled for sound check when I first arrived at the show.

As I boarded, security began barricading the area around the bus behind me.

Even though the guys were extremely disappointed for having to cancel, they still brought their high energy and comedic nature to the interview.

As I spoke to them during the interview, it was extremely apparent how good of friends they are.

They traded jabs and busted each other chops for a very funny and candid interview. In many instances they would call each other out in order to set the record straight.

If you haven't met CC or Ashley, they are extremely friendly, personable, and down to earth guys despite their talk of having "rock star attitudes."

They are two regular guys having the time of their life and enjoying every minute of it.

Robert Cavuoto: You both play a critical role within the band by providing a rock solid foundation for the guitars. Tell me about the chemistry between the two of you.

Ashley Purdy: I think our connection comes from even before playing in the band. We're as tight as brothers, so friendship is first and foremost.

I would say CC and I are probably the closest in the band. We hang out and party. We're from the same area in Los Angeles too.

Musically, it's about bass, drums, and rhythm. BVB comes from a more typical bass and drum house - sort of the dance arena.

We both like dance music and electronic music, besides being heavy metal/rock dudes. There's a foundation within ourselves that likes different styles of rhythm.

Christian Coma: I completely agree. I think everybody's influences are slightly different, which makes this band so unique.

But touching on what Ashley said, a lot of times we'll go to dance clubs or strip clubs. [Laughter] We love to have fun, and we love to rock.

Our interests are definitely one in the same with the importance of rhythm.

AP #305 Scan

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Konečně jsem to někde získala ! Já chápu a repektuju Andyho když říkal, že nechce aby se tenhle časopis šířil po internetu, ale taky on by měl pochopi, že ne všichni jeho fanoušci jsou američani nebo angličani nebo milionáři a že jinej přístup k tomuhle časopisu prostě není !
Takže prosím tady máte, jinak doporučuji obrázek otevřit v novém okně, měl by být větší.
Není to celé, ale snad se brzy dostanu i ke zbytku ! Tak si to užijte ! :)

Andy Biersack facts - Slovenská časopis Kamarát

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Tattoo with Ash

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Plakát Andyho v novém BRAVU

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Hned zítra kupuju ♥ A dokonce i nová fotka -_- *_*


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Andy in the new Kerrang!

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Jake Pitts in the new Revolver Mag ! On stands now!

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Life of Agony

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Damage Ink

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Jake and Jinxx in Guitar World

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Chybí mi jedna stránka, až jí najdu, doplním ;)

Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides Talks Fans and Golden Gods

5. března 2013 v 21:07 | Margie
The year is shaping up to be a impressive one for Andy Biersack and Black Veil Brides.

They've already released The Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones, which debuted at No. 7 in the US; they've unveiled a motion picture, Legion of the Black, done two North American legs and one European leg of the Church of the Wild Ones tour - and they're up for two Golden God awards.

Let's not forget they're also featured in the March 2013 issue of Guitar World, which you can check out here.

We recently sat down with Biersack, the band's singer and founder, and got his thoughts on the Golden Gods. For more about this year's Golden Gods awards, head here.

REVOLVER: Golden Gods-wise, you guys are up for an award in the Most Devoted Fans category. What makes your fan base so special?

I think, obviously, we are noted for having a very dedicated fan base. There is a visual, aesthetic part of it where you have the makeup and the costumes. The devotion of the BVB Army, with its very big online presence, is amazing. We've been fortunate from the very beginning. It was something that was really able to spur on our career.

When it came to record labels and management, people didn't give a shit until the fans sort of forced our way into places. You can't deny a band whose fans are so dedicated. You can't deny a band whose fans will literally do anything to see them win the awards. We're very appreciative to the fan base. That mutual feeling of appreciation is something that really helps.

Do you think part of it might stem from early on, especially with your "lyrics of the disenfranchised"? Do you think they struck a chord with fans who were preached to with pop music and that made you guys a great alternative?

Absolutely. The message of the band goes hand in hand with the fan base. We never made attempts to say we were anybody's role model or the be-all-end-all of what people should look up to. We have always just been very open about the fact that we have difficulties and we are messed-up people just as our fans are. We kind of wanted to do it together with them. With that being said, the feeling of comradery between us and the audience has really always been there.

Bands talk about their audience bringing their kids to shows. Have you seen fans bring their parents along for the ride?

Our shows have always been sort of an all-generations thing, people from 6 to 60. The other night, we played a show and we had a woman who was probably 70 to 75 years old, and she was there alone and she was singing every song. On the other end of the spectrum, there was a 7-year-old on his dad's shoulders and the dad is singing along. You have the teenagers as well, of course. We are a band that stylistically crosses a lot of barriers and generational gaps. The heavier portion of the band, the modern music elements, the visual part of the band appeal to a younger audience. For an older audience, we have chops and great songs that are reminiscent of the things that were great about rock and roll when they enjoyed it. We're the kind of band that can cross those lines.

True. You aren't going to sound foreign to someone who grew up listening to a Motley Crue or a W.A.S.P. Your music has modern elements, but it isn't going to turn off a listener who's in his or her 40s or 50s.

Honestly, it boils down to songs. Good songs are always good songs. People can listen to a song by an artist such as a Van Halen, and no one in the room is going to go, "Oh, this is terrible." Good songs cross those lines. Our focus on the record was to make them as good as possible, and those things will stand the test of time and relate to any audience. I'm not going to name any names, but we certainly have a lot of counterparts in bands that are popular, drawing well, selling well and are of the same age group as us. My point is always, where are the songs? What is memorable about this?

On the subject of songs, "In The End" is up for Song of the Year at the Golden Gods. If I remember correctly, that was the last track you did for the album. Did you have the complete concept of the album laid out at that point, and how did the story coincide with writing all the album's lyrics?

It all started with a short story I wrote on a plane and then spiraled. I had two friends, Patrick Fogarty and Richard Millwood, who were very dedicated artists and friends of ours. When we got home, I gave it to them and told them about that story and said maybe we can do something with it. As a band we sort of dissected it and built the record out of it.

Do you write as a unit?

Every song has a different process. There will be some songs where it comes together right away and we'll all be sitting around and know it. Then there are songs that take quite a while. A song like "Nobody's Hero," for example, took a lot of days of back and forth with our producer, John Feldman, with "The chorus should be more like this or that." A song like "In The End" came together fairly quickly.

I think a lot of people overlook or are unaware of the fact that you are extremely talented musicians. You have a classically trained musician in the band and a guitar duo that's reminiscent of Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing of Judas Priest.

I think that is something we've always liked with that guitar duo. Even on stage, it's sort of "classic" rock and roll.

Is there anyone in particular you're listening to right now?

We are big fans of a band out of Europe called CRASHDÏET. They have come out to a bunch of our shows but haven't toured much in the US just yet.

"Naked Magazine"

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Škoda že název magazínů není přesný :(( :DDDD

CC in next months issue of AP

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Recenze ze Sparku

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Do počítače naťukala uživatelka: Destiny13
Máte sklony k poškozování sebe sama?Trpíte pocity středoškolského losera? Čtete Bravíčko? Je vaším vzorem Nikki Sixx? Je až pozoruhodné, jak podobný by se mohl zdát osud hlavního představitele hollywoodské senzace jménem BVB, Andiho ,,Sixxe" Biersacka, s legendárním basákem Mötley Crüe. OD teenagerovského otlounkánka k symbolu revolty dnešní mládeže, přičemž vzhledem k tomu, že Biersackovi sotva nalijí v klubu, je až pozoruhodné, jak rychle a samozřejmě se baskytarista a zpěvák (A co je jako Ashley? Jen tanečník na podiu? :D) BVB etabloval v zábavním průmyslu. Je však třeba mu přiznat, že jeho hit ,,Knives and pens" již zhlédlo přes 6 000 000 posluchačů na YT. V kapele zůstal jako jediný z celé sestavy, přičemž si je na dvojce vzal na starosti producent Josh Abraham, a skupina udělala vše pro to, aby se stali skutečně světovou atrakcí. Image na pomezí Kiss, Mötley Crüe a Tokio Hotel a hudba vycházející z recentně tolik populárního emo\screamocoru, přičemž však sem tam jsou rychlá tempa rozpuštěna i v klasickém rockovém kanále. I když zde řádně vyčištěném a vypulírovaném, až byste skoro řekli, že se nacházíte v 5 * hotelu, kde je jakákoliv nepředloženost pozorným personálem okamžitě zamaskována. Z uvedených důvodů proto než na Rock'n'roll je třeba soustředit se zkrátka na mainstreamové hity, které aspoň mohou zaujmout svou chytlavostí. Tuto definici jistě splňují ,,Fallen angels'' , ,,Set the world on fire'' nebo i otvírák ,,New Religion''. Největším hitem je pak zajisté ,,The Legacy''. Od jejich ,,bratrů'' Tokio hotel je dělí mnohem profesionálnější hudební výkony, avšak i když bych na nich chtěl najít něco z takových Reckless Love, kteří svou jedničkou definovali moderní přístup k hair metalu, nezbývá mi než konstatovat, že zde se nic takového nekoná. Biersackovy neškodné citlivé texty a celková stylizace mnohem spíše zapadají do pokračování emo kultury než do budoucnosti hair metalu. Nic proti, jen je třeba si to přiznat. Takovým pardálům, jako Wednesday 13, kteří též vydali nové album, bohužel BVB nesahají ani po kolena...Těší mě, že BVB mají cool image, umí famozně (aspoň na desce) hrát a na novém EP z prosince 2011 nazvaném ,,Rebels'' předělali takové umělce jako Kiss či Billyho Idola, tudíž si říkám, že je šance, že se nezamotají v kruhu nudného komerčního emocoru. Tato nahrávka a ještě více tato kapela má ambice. Avšak aby se stalli ikonami, potřebují víc než krátkodobé pobláznění teenagerů. Dejme jim šanci svůj potenciál ukázat!

Dovolte mi je zabít !!!! Grrr...

Black Veil Brides, from today’s (23/02/2013 issue 1454) Kerrang!

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BVB v zítřejším Bravu

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Panebože ten článek zas bude asi pěknej :DD Ale doufám že tam budou stejný fotky jsko měli Germání páč ty byly fakt luxusní. No co kupuju :DD

BVB v Bravopedii

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Black Veil Brides

Aspoň novou fotku tam dát mohli...